Paul Ehline Annual Ride to Show Espirit De Corps of USMC August 15th

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To Honor Fallen Marine

In the wake of the difficult time our nation is facing, one thing still unites Americans. the honor and duty of the United States Marine Corps. That is why current and former Marines will head to the Lytle Creek Gun Range for a commemoration of a former Devil Dog. The event is a collaboration between the Leathernecks MC (LMCI) and the Ehline Law Firm APLC of Paul Ehline, USMC (Ret.).

We hope anyone reading this message joins the solemn ceremony on August 15th. The event honors a Vietnam veteran who notably remarked, “Ehlines don’t kneel for our flag. We stand at attention and fight for it.”

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About the Author

Michael Ehline is the proud son of Sergeant Paul Ehline. He served in the USMC in his father’s footsteps. After his honorable discharge, he burned the candle at both ends, working and studying the law. Studying under a judge, Michael Ehline passed the bar and later received his JD. Still, nothing made him prouder than his service in the USMC. Except maybe the example his father set for him.

In setting up this ride and writing this article, Michael Ehline wants nothing more than to honor his father. Paul Ehline exemplified the Corps’ values of honor and duty. Faithful to his final days, Paul was a proud Marine, a family man, a follower of Jesus Christ, and a man who overcame adversity at every turn. Cancer was the only thing that could defeat a man who survived and grew after Vietnam and PTSD.

It is in this tradition that the Ehline Law Firm APLC Personal Injury Attorneys sponsors this run. It is the first in what will be an annual tradition. Ehline invites the general public, but especially those who served in the United States Marine Corps.

“This is about more than just my father,” Ehline said, “It’s about what he taught me. It’s about his time serving with the toughest men our nation had. This current generation of Marines picked up the torch. And it’s my small way to say thank you to them and honor my dad.”

More Than a Ride

The Sergeant Paul Ehline Annual Ride is a chance to work together with amazing folks. This includes the efforts of the Leathernecks MC Mad Dog Chapter. The chapter agreed to give a proper memorial ceremony for a man who dedicated his life to the Marine Corps. By including the institution of Paul’s devotion, Ehline hopes that the first one will be about more than just his father’s passing.

“It’s more than just a matter of one person, even a Marine,” Ehline said. “The spirit of a warrior includes loyalty to his brothers in arms. This includes what my father went through in and after Vietnam.”

Paul Ehline served two years in Vietnam. Originally sent as a MOS 0848 (Field Artillery Operations Chief) private, Paul Ehline rose to the challenge during his first deployment to Vietnam. Studious and religiously observant, Paul was promptly promoted to the rank of sergeant of field artillery. His wits carried him well during his time in country in 1967-1969. Stationed at Camp Caroll near the DMZ he saw some of the most difficult stretches of the war. This included action at Da Nang, Gio Linh, Rock Pile, Con Thien, Camlo, and the DMZ. As a Forward Observer he served along side Force Reconnaissance Marines and regular infantry units. He used his faith as a bridge to the villagers and showed the model of Christ’s time on earth. Paul returned for a second tour of duty. He volunteered to help his brothers in arms return home safely.

This experience represented just a fraction of what Paul Ehline was a part of in the Marine Corps.


As Michael Ehline said earlier, there is a profound sense of loyalty in joining the military. There is no bond greater than that between Marines. This is why the experiences of Paul Ehline were especially pressing in creating this run. In particular, it is due to the side that does not get talked about nearly enough, or as often.

During his time in Southeast Asia, Paul Ehline was repeatedly exposed not just to enemy fire but to Agent Orange. He also suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his experience in the war. PTSD was not properly understood at the time. It led to tremendous stress and challenges for the young former Marine. The exposure to Agent Orange also contributed to the cancer that ultimately felled him.

There is much more at stake than honoring one man’s legacy. Paul Ehline would not describe himself as a hero. He would save that honor for those who served with him. Some of those men did not return home. However, those who did faced their own war after their time in Vietnam was over.

The experience in Vietnam left thousands of members of the armed forces suffering due to a system that couldn’t support them in a way that today’s military and society can. Since there was little understanding of “shell shock,” there was little that could be done to treat it. And since Agent Orange’s effects were only well known after the war, many suffered needlessly due to its effects.

“It’s about raising awareness,” Michael Ehline said. “It is my mission to make sure that another person– another Leatherneck– never suffers in the way my dad did. He learned at every step, but cancer is insidious.”

For More Info

For more info on the ride or honoring Sergeant Paul Ehline, visit the Ehline Law blog. If you’d like to reserve a time or place to attend, please contact us at I hope to see many of you there as we build a tradition for our Marines, both past and present. They gave everything for us and often suffered well after their service formally ended. Together, we can honor them the way they honored us.

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