Jon Giurleo is Taking an Innovative Lead in Independent EDM and Pop Music Production

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 24, 2020 / For any aspiring artist in the music industry, it’s critical to understand where to produce and how to distribute your music. But for anyone to get ahead in the game, it requires a long list of connections and maybe even red tape to get on a label. Moreover, drop the ball on the fine print, and it puts the artist in an insecure place instantly.

Jon Giurleo saw sense and incredible potential in making it on his own as an independent music producer, DJ, and entrepreneur. He’s an American artist in the music business producing electronic pop and dance music. Giurleo had a string of successful 2019 song releases in the electronic pop genre entitled ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Right Here’. This year, he’s pushing the envelope to keep his momentum despite the current rollercoaster ride that we call 2020, by dropping his first hip-hop-inspired release titled ‘Vinny Chase’ featuring Dyl on June 12th. The independently produced song is the product of a successful collaboration with distinguished, independent musical artists.

His perspective on royalties and publishing influences Giurleo’s career strategy. He’s partial towards independently producing and releasing tracks, for the reason that, ‘If contracts with labels get signed, understanding the agreement you are getting into is obviously necessary,’ he explains. Giurleo wants to emphasize that he’s not coming from an anti-label standpoint-in fact, he’s developed many meaningful connections with labels – but there are limitless advantages to being an independent artist. He believes that this way, the artist has the complete right to their master recordings, which would translate to higher percentages and more money in the artist’s bank account.

Jon Giurleo is a supporter of distributors like Tunecore, United Masters, Distrokid, which are companies that allow artists to directly upload their creations and get paid to do so. He also has nothing but praises for decentralized blockchain-based platforms like UJO that takes a futuristic approach to the industry for music artists. Giurleo sees these companies as an essential and positive movement within the music industry and a step forward to providing artists more accessible ways to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Giurleo recognizes that things are continually evolving within the music industry and the rest of the world, and they change fast. He’s a known advocate of Bitcoin investment, which is a modern approach to investing, and he’s a supporter of new groundbreaking efforts that directly support musical artists, songwriters, and producers. Through these new methods of getting their music and their brand out there, Giurleo believes that the artists are being placed in the best position possible to build their brand. Undeniably, any business needs to adapt to changing times, investing for the future is a must, and these companies are doing their part. He adds, ‘I think decentralized platforms and currency have a clear place in the future, and I think it would be wise for artists to explore all their options and do their own research.’

Giurleo wants to expand his outreach to the entire music industry-musical artists, producers, engineers, and songwriters. He wants to continue producing music that would be commercially viable yet also unique and overflowing with authenticity, which sets him apart from the rest. ‘First and foremost, I create songs that I personally love and that my team that I’m working with can get behind as well. I strive not to be a producer that stays in the box by any stretch of the imagination.’

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