Learn The Secrets Behind One of The Most Successful Fitness Coaches In The World – Gee Bryant

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / November 23, 2019 / Fitness expert and success coach Gee Bryant is the CEO of the globally renowned online fitness program X28.

Gee is also the owner of The Loft Athletic Club, one of the most popular gyms in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gee was born and raised in Philadelphia, but the desire to live out his passion brought him to Atlanta.

Today, Gee has worked with dozens of top celebrities and is referred to as one of the, if not the, best fitness trainers in Atlanta.

Setting the bar high!

So the question is, How is Gee able to attract such high profile clients to his gym.

Gee prides himself on being authentic. He explains that celebrities are often people who stand out from the crowd.

Celebrities are drawn to their unique energy and perspective. Too many fitness coaches out there limit themselves by trying to be the ” Perfect book trainer” instead of them just being themselves.

Gee’s workouts are also very unique. He creates each program himself and makes sure the applications challenge his clients.

Seeing as people love to experience new things, Gee has incorporated new workouts into his program.

Another critical factor is the environment. His gym’s space is unlike any other gym in Atlanta. The first thing you see when you enter is a Royal blue turf stretch actors the floor, surrounded by white walls which beam a sense of freshness.

The Gym also has its DJ; this helps mimic the party environment celebrities are used to.

Nothing but the best

Anyone who enrolls in Gee’s program should expect methods designed to burn fat and build up muscles in the most effective way.

His programs include simple and easy to follow techniques and have been proven to yield results!

Achieving success

Gee’s fitness training is one of a kind! It guarantees to get you toned up in 28 days. Amazing, right?

Over the years, Gee has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives across the world.

He has always been consistent, even with his level of success. Every day, Gee ensures that he learns something new about his craft.

This is how he’s been able to create such revolutionary techniques for his clients.

Company Name: X28 Fitness
Name: Gee Bryant
Email contact: @x28fitness.com

SOURCE: X28 Fitness

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