cbdMD make waves by partnering up with World Surf League for Jaws Big Wave Championships

cbdMD has been making history and this time for the most anticipated big wave season

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2019 / The World Surf League (WSL) kicked off the season announcing its biggest partnership throughout its whole big wave history with cbdMD, a nationally recognized consumer cannabidiol (CBD) brand (NYSE American:YCBD) for the premiere big wave competition of the year.

Taking place at the famed Pe’ahi surf break on the north shore of Maui in Hawaii, the cbdMD Jaws Big Wave Championship is definitely something every surf enthusiast from around the world is looking forward to. With waves up to 60 feet high, this competition will push the competitors to their limits and let them experience the pursuit of thrill.

The cbdMD Jaws Big Wave championship is the world’s premier paddle-only big wave event and brings together the world’s elite male and female athletes to compete for the most coveted Championship.

Jaws has been able to establish its reputation as the ultimate proving ground for big-wave surfing through delivering some of the best and biggest wave moments and history-making performances over the past decade. Winning this event sets the standard for the sport.

Big wave surfing is a grueling, extreme water sport and one of the world’s most dangerous sports. Some would take years of professional surfing to ride some of the biggest and most dangerous surf. It takes great guts and precise skills to catch the most powerful wave, commit to its fury, make the drop, and hope not to get slammed into coarse coral reefs a few feet below. It’s no wonder that professional athletes such as big wave surfers trust cbdMD for support.

While this partnership marks the biggest deal in WSL’s big wave history, it is also WSL’s first-ever CBD sponsorship. This partnership will enable WSL to advance the sport while featuring unique marketing integrations with athlete ambassadors.

Currently, cbdMD partners with elite athletes across a wide array of sports, including Olympians Kerri Walsh Jennings and Lolo Jones, professional golfer Bubba Watson and more, alongside big wave surfers Makua Rothman and Nathan Florence.

“I’m extremely excited to announce our partnership with the WSL for this year’s cbdMD Jaws Championship,” said Caryn Dunayer, President of cbdMD. “Surfing has been an integral part of our brand strategy and growth within the action sports community and we’re grateful to have this opportunity to solidify our footprint.”

cbdMD has always been dedicated to provide products, programs, and services that enrich people’s lives through wellness. Through this partnership, it will enable athletes, surfers, spectators and a larger demographic of consumers to get greater access to information about THC-free CBD options and continue advancing the conversation about CBD and its many applications in peoples’ lives.

“The WSL is always trying to push the boundaries of progression and break new ground,” said Cherie Cohen, WSL Chief Revenue Officer. “Optimal performance is the key to overcoming the unique challenges of big wave surfing. This partnership with a CBD category leader will help inform consumers of CBD’s benefits”.

As the interest regarding CBD continues among both athletes and enthusiasts alike, this team up between the WSL is dynamic and strategic for cbdMD and a pathway to engage those who could greatly benefit from CBD.

cbdMD has been striking strategic partnerships to deliver a massive cbdMD brand exposure to the action sports community such as motocross, mixed martial arts and now, big wave surfing since the start of the year. cbdMD is continuously making history and they’re not looking to stop anytime soon. For more information please email pr@cbdmd.com.

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