Elrond Network Announces Strategic Partnership with NETOPIA Payments

MALTA / ACCESSWIRE / March 27, 2019 / Elrond Network, the technology company developing a new, scalable and more efficient blockchain platform, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with NETOPIA Payments, the leading payment provider in Romania.

This partnership will allow both companies to access a strategic advantage in their respective industries. Elrond Network, which is dedicated to delivering blockchain-enabled solutions to the masses, will now have a powerful channel to allow every day people to easily access and perform on-chain transactions. NETOPIA, which is leading the competitive payment market in Romania, will be able to appeal to the growing Crypto community in Eastern Europe, while also providing its merchant partners an alternate means of digital payments. One, that is far cheaper than payment cards.

Crushing the Scalability Barrier: What is Elrond Network?

Wide-scale adoption remains to be the untamed bane of virtually every blockchain.

The problem isn’t awareness, as this technology covers media headlines on a daily basis. The fault remains in the sector’s inability to push interest into action. The main cause for that is the lack of usability associated with most decentralized networks and applications. With the unmatched advantages, that blockchain technology can offer, it is on the verge of mass reach—if only its operability can become scalable.

Elrond Network, which till now has been funded by its founders, is the first blockchain network to not just tout a high transactional throughput, but deliver it in live testing and operability. And perhaps just as importantly, the network has managed to achieve its high TPS (transactions per second) fulfilment without sacrificing latency.

Elrond Network is a blockchain that isn’t held back by infrastructural limitations and thus its developers needn’t hold back on partnerships, that will push the network to transactional demands and limits unseen by any other blockchain to date. By applying novel sharding mechanisms, Elrond is able to scale its network as more nodes join the network. With such an ultra-agile infrastructure, the network is designed to proportionally grow with network demands. The high scalability coupled with Elrond Network’s low latency enables the development to provide transactional demands needed for the digital age.

What is NETOPIA Payments?

NETOPIA Payments is a Romanian payment facilitator that supports an extremely wide variety of value transfer media. The company supports SMS, eWallet, Bitcoin, and payment cards.

NETOPIA is partnered with all major mobile providers in Romania. The company’s main competitive edge is micropayments and it is currently the market leader for this service. As electronic micropayments are growing, the company has made a strategic move by supporting Bitcoin. Given that NETOPIA has already delved into Crypto payments, its partnership with Elrond provides the company with an opportunity to provide its customers with the fastest Crypto transaction clearance. This will ensure NETOPIA is able to retain its market leader status by enabling its customers to leverage the most novel Crypto payment solution to date.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Both Elrond Network and NETOPIA offer solutions in the payments sector. While NETOPIA is an established market player, Elrond Network will help the company cement its position by providing it with the technological resources that can enable some of the fastest and most secure micropayments to date.

Meanwhile, NETOPIA’s reach and user base will provide the Elrond Network with a powerful launchpad for its cutting-edge blockchain solutions. Together, Elrond Network and NETOPIA stand to revolutionize the Eastern European payment market.

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Beniamin Mincu

CEO, Elrond Network


SOURCE: Elrond Network

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